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Writers block

A year is a long time in the life of a website, or in our case it’s been 13 months since our last blog. The reason for the sizable gap, there has been so much else going on and this has contributed to writers block. Knowing that it is favourable to keep our site fresh […]

Website revamp

Having had an enjoyable Christmas and New Year it is now time to spend time on moving forward for 2015 with a website revamp. This will hopefully happen in the next month and once completed the changes should mean that our website is much easier to navigate on a mobile device, such as a tablet […]

Completely secure website

We are pleased to advise that we have upgraded the Ember JD website to https, so all pages and posts, including quote forms, are secure. Therefore whatever you go on our website the data you input will be encrypted, so cannot be viewed by other parties. The padlock in the address bar confirms this. More […]

Email address vrs contact form

Most websites no longer include an email contact address. Instead a contact us form is included. There is a very good reason for this. If an email address is shown it is an invitation to be inandated by unwanted messages or spam mail as it’s called from around the world. A contact form with a […]

Changed our office address

Took a while to finalise, but we are pleased to say we have now moved to our new office in West Byfleet, Surrey. We would have liked to have changed our office address from 1 May, but sorting out the communications aspect took longer than expected, so we moved in on Monday 12 May 2014. […]

Ember JD on the move

Ember JD on the move to a modern air conditioned office from Monday 12 May 2014. Just under 10 miles away in West Byfleet, Surrey. We have been based in East Molesey since the very beginning in 1970, but as we offer a variety of home and property insurances nationally, now is a good time […]

Amlin emergency flood response

An Amlin emergency flood response dedicated helpline number and email address is now in operation. For existing Amlin policyholders who have flood insurance in force. The contact details are as follows: Telephone 01245 396244. Email address

Flood watch

With all the wet stormy weather that has hit the UK for the past few weeks we recommend regularly checking the Environmental Agency flood warnings summary. The summary is updated every 15 minutes, so really provides worthwhile information to interested parties. If you live or have property within a recoginsed flood risk location, you can […]

UNA Alliance member

Ember JD is a UNA Alliance member via our parent company. Our insurance group is a founding member of the UNA Alliance (formerly Unitas), when established in 1997. The broker alliance Offers an alternative to other sources of insurance, such as direct insurers and national brokers. The advantages of coming together as an alliance is […]

Dual use home insurance

It’s always advantageous to have one policy in place covering the risk at the same address. When there’s more than one policy and insurer involved disputes can occur as to who is responsible, in the event of a claim. This can at best delay matters for the policyholder, caught up in the cross fire between […]