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Bathroom insurance

Bathroom insurance, you certainly cannot insure just the one room in your home. All of the bathroom fittings would be covered under a buildings insurance. We are blogging about a fitted bathroom paid for by the leaseholder in a flat or maisonette. Depending on the wording under the freeholders or management company’s buildings insurance the […]

Kitchen insurance

What do we mean by kitchen insurance? Afterall isn’t a fitted kitchen automatically covered under a buildings insurance, as a permanent fixtures and fittings. We are referring to a kitchen fitted by a leaseholder in a flat or maisonette, which as fitted and paid for by the leaseholder may not be insured under the freeholders block buildings insurance. If this is of interest to you we recommend checking with your freeholder over the scope of the block buildings insurance. kitchen insurance

A new fitted kitchen usually costs from £3,000 upwards, so a major outlay for anyone. This is an asset that is worth protecting in the event of insured damage, such as a fire or escape of water damage. We offer a solution if you find that your kitchen is not covered under the block policy. A policy with a quality insurer that is much more than just kitchen insurance. Other permanent fixtures and fittings not insured by the block policy would also be insured, like fitted bathroom, internal doors, leaseholder’s own flooring and other small fixtures and fittings. We sell this insurance along with contents insurance, with a combined discount.

Leaseholders for more details and a quote please follow the link: leaseholders improvements insurance

Live in landlord

When you think of a live in landlord Rising Damp and Rigsby comes to mind. These days the modern version is very different. Co-habitating with tenants, lodgers or longer term paying guests ticks numerous boxes. Instead of a collection of individuals living very separate lives, with a live in landlord main activity being trying to […]

West Byfleet

We moved to West Byfleet in May 2014 and overall the move for our company has been a positive one. Our office located in Phoenix House is within a five minute walk from the West Byfleet train station. A main line station stop to London Waterloo. Close to train hubs at Woking and Guildford. The latter station served by South West trains and Great Western railways.

We are also within two miles of the M25 and the A3, so around ten minutes drive away. The village or small town of West Byfleet has a good range of shops, including a Waitrose store and three charity shops. 240px-west_byfleet_station_approach_geograph_2266720

Writers block

A year is a long time in the life of a website, or in our case it’s been 13 months since our last blog. The reason for the sizable gap, there has been so much else going on and this has contributed to writers block. Knowing that it is favourable to keep our site fresh […]

Website revamp

Having had an enjoyable Christmas and New Year it is now time to spend time on moving forward for 2015 with a website revamp. This will hopefully happen in the next month and once completed the changes should mean that our website is much easier to navigate on a mobile device, such as a tablet […]

Completely secure website

We are pleased to advise that we have upgraded the Ember JD website to https, so all pages and posts, including quote forms, are secure. Therefore whatever you go on our website the data you input will be encrypted, so cannot be viewed by other parties. The padlock in the address bar confirms this. More […]

Email address vrs contact form

Most websites no longer include an email contact address. Instead a contact us form is included. There is a very good reason for this. If an email address is shown it is an invitation to be inandated by unwanted messages or spam mail as it’s called from around the world. A contact form with a […]

Changed our office address

Took a while to finalise, but we are pleased to say we have now moved to our new office in West Byfleet, Surrey. We would have liked to have changed our office address from 1 May, but sorting out the communications aspect took longer than expected, so we moved in on Monday 12 May 2014. […]

Ember JD on the move

Ember JD on the move to a modern air conditioned office from Monday 12 May 2014. Just under 10 miles away in West Byfleet, Surrey. We have been based in East Molesey since the very beginning in 1970, but as we offer a variety of home and property insurances nationally, now is a good time […]