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Garden Room Home Insurance

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On April 28, 2022
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Having a multi purpose building has many advantages, but what about cover for your garden room home insurance……garden_room_home_insuranceThe answer is making sure you have proper cover under your home buildings and contents policy, as it is impractical, uneconomical and probably impossible to insure separately. Anything to be with residential properties comes under the heading of home insurance, which incorporates buildings, contents and if required cover for personal possessions away from home. Adding specific, top-up covers is the way forward, if your policy provider can cater for this.

With regard to this topic, garden room home insurance, a few issues arise which would need sorting to ensure the insurance will respond in the event of a claim:
A garden room isn’t like an average shed or any other outbuilding, it usually costs much more. It’s designed to be a livable space, like an self-contained extension of your home. A policy may not class a garden room as a conventional outbuilding, under the definitions, due to the higher cost.
Another stand out point is the replacement cost of the contents, including personal possessions and may be business equipment kept in the garden room. Most policies have a limit for total contents kept in all domestic garages and outbuildings, which could be around £5,000. As the limit under the insured contents section is set within the policy wording, it is likely that your insurer won’t increase the sum insured, taking into account the probability of a higher sum being needed when factoring in the garden room.
Finally you may well have a garden room to use for both pleasure purposes and for business. May be the business element includes visitors. This should be disclosed to your insurer, as may alter the acceptance, premium cover or terms.

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