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Answering the phone

Thought we’d add our two-penneth worth regarding answering the phone, or as often the case not being able to speak to someone. Generally the call is picked up after a couple of rings, which doesn’t give any sort of comfort, as then on a call handling system. You make your selection, which may or may not fit in with what you’re ring for and wait. The amount of time you wait and the number of times you give up and try again seems unlimited. The vast majority of home insurance providers seem to be bogged down in this never ending call handling way of doing things. You pay your money and make your choice. If you’re patient, the matter isn’t urgent, or if it can be handled another way, great. We know things can be frustrating, after all there are insurances that we the staff of Ember JD need that we don’t do, such as motor and pet, so know first-hand that answering the phone is an issue.

Would also like to add that we are surprised by the lack of insurance knowledge from some providers. Okay we understand that most, like us, act on a non-advisory basis. However that doesn’t mean that queries cannot be understood and answered using industry gained knowledge without over-stepping the provider’s regulatory status. It would seem that staff have no insurance knowledge what so ever.

No call handling system here!

What we offer is the ability to call us during office hours, 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday, excluding bank holidays and mostly get straight through. Okay there may be busy times when the line is engaged, but that’s not often. Would also add that having an engaged tone is better than a call handling service. At least you know that you can call back and with us most likely get through to a real person.

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