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Domestic garages and outbuildings

Under the buildings insurances we offer domestic garages and outbuildings are automatically insured, provided within the boundaries of the land belonging to the home. If you have an annexe, again within the land, this can also be insured under the one policy. We would need to know the occupancy of the annexe, so a quote for appropriate home and annexe insurance can be offered.
domestic garages and outbuildings

Should you work from home, whether it be clerical or manual work and use a home office or other outbuilding on your land, then it’s important to ensure that this is disclosed. If you have business visitors, including customers, to your home, this is more information that needs to be advised. Generally if cover can be provided, all business items and any stock, other than office equipment, would be excluded. As a rule home insurance policy wordings include cover for office equipment if you have home contents insurance cover. All liabilities connected to your occupation, business or profession would be excluded from cover and the policy would be endorsed accordingly. If you are running a small business from home and are looking for one policy combining the two, we would recommend a homeworker’s insurance, which are readily available by doing an internet search.

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