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Homes for Ukraine

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On April 12, 2022
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Homes for Ukraine Government scheme in the UK and how this affects home insurance.

A Government introduced scheme, Homes for Ukraine, where organisations and members of the public can volunteer to offer a home or a spare room to Ukrainian refugees. The commitment must be at least six months, subject to the necessary vetting process.  UK Government website

There’s plenty of information out there about this scheme, but how does it affect home insurance? First and foremost the home insurer must be informed of your intentions before it happens. Within documents there will be a section where the insurer must be advised of any changes to the occupancy and this would apply. In addition as the UK Government would be paying £350 per month, so our Ukrainian friends would be classed as paying guests. In addition it’s probable that your prospective guests will be in receipt of State benefits, which should also be raised with your insurer. Hopefully your insurer would accept this arrangement, as a necessity and would continue the cover. However you can not assume that your insurer will be OK with this arrangement or try searching for a vague answer online. You should make a specific inquiry to your insurer, which will then be recorded under your policy. Keeping your current policy running is the idea outcome, as generally it is not a good idea to cancel and switch insurers at any other time other than the renewal / expiry date.

Homes for Ukraine

If your current insurer cannot accommodate the Homes for Ukraine scheme, then please feel free to complete a quote form sharing your home with paying guests . Your Ukrainian guests would go under the same occupancy criteria as sharing your home with lodgers and page-link is on that basis. As above this would be an annual insurance quote and policy, which would continue, if after six months your Ukrainian guests move out and your home is solely owner occupied again.

If you will not be resident in the property, then the let home form for Homes for Ukraine would then be required for the purposes of providing a quote. landlord and tenant information

Slava Ukraini

Homes for Ukraine




Homes for Ukraine Government scheme in the UK and how this affects home insurance.
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