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Home & Garden Room Insurance

Ember JD is a UK property broker, established in 1919, based at Devonshire Square, EC2M, in the heart of insurance, the City of London. Offering competitive quotes and quality cover for Home with Garden Room Insurance.

View of a cabin room in the garden of a home
Home & garden room insurance
We are pleased to offer home with garden room insurance, under one policy. Within a home buildings and contents insurance.
Extended Cover for Contents kept in additional ‘Garden buildings’ being used for ‘Working From Home’ Purposes:
Where the policyholder wishes to insure a detached cabin style building in the garden that:
has been built on proper concrete foundations and
is being used for ‘working from home’ style practices.
Acceptable with cover for the building and the contents within it, subject to:
In respect of buildings cover:
• Uplift of the overall building sum insured to include the rebuilding cost of the additional building;
In respect of contents cover:
• Uplift of the overall contents sum insured to include the contents kept in the building, up to a maximum contents sum insured of £15,000;
• Proper mortice deadlocks and window locks being in operation;
• Increased compulsory theft excess of £500, in addition to any voluntary excess selected with discount, for any claims for contents held in this building;
• The policy endorsement EMHMIS09 Extended Cover for Detached Garden Building(s), detailed below, would be included.

We are part one of the oldest insurance groups in the UK, established 1919.

EMHMIS09 Extended Cover for Detached Garden Building(s).
It is noted that the building sum insured within your schedule includes the detached ‘cabin-style’ building within the insured premises that is being used for domestic and/or business purposes by you, details as already disclosed and to us.
In respect of the above building only, the following exclusions are deemed to be of no effect:
• Section Two – Contents Peril 6. ‘theft or attempted theft’ Exclusion b), and
• Section Two – Contents Part b) Optional Accidental Damage Exclusion c).
Any claims in respect of theft or attempted theft of contents are subject to an excess of £500 in addition to any voluntary excess that is shown within the schedule.