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Home insurance index linking

Insurers index link sums insured to keep pace with rising costs. Although policyholders only see their sums insured increase when the renewal documents are issued, most policies are index linked on a monthly basis, which could have a bearing on claims. Index linked adjustments continue from the date of a claim to the settlement, provided […]

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Home insurance security requirements

Some policies may have security requirements applied by the insurer, especially homes in London and other big city postcodes. Home insurances with large contents sums insured or where there has been a burglary claim may also have security requirements attached to the policy. The most common requirement relates to locks on external doors and accessible […]

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Unoccupied exclusions under home insurance

Standard home insurances are generally designed to insure the main occupied residence of the policyholder. Any variation, such as regular unoccupancy due to work commitments or an extended holiday would have to be specially agreed. When a home becomes unoccupied, the definition would be detailed in the policy wording which could be 30 or 60 […]

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