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Home insurance contents temporarily removed

Home insurance contents temporarily removedOften included under contents insurance. Usually up to 15% of the contents sum insured for loss of or damage to the contents whilst temporarily removed from your home, but within the territorial limits (Great Britain or the United Kingdom).

Theft also includes from a bank or safe deposit or while in direct transit to and from the insured address to the bank or safe deposit. Cover applies in any building where the insured is employed, carrying out business, in temporary residence or any other building.

As you would expect there are exclusions applying to this cover extension as follows: Storm, flood or malicious damage to the contents which were not kept in a building, loss and damage to contents in your custody or control whilst living away from home for the purpose of education (there may be a provision for cover for this under a separate cover extension), contents for sale, away on exhibition or in a furniture depository. Although not excluded, theft must be as a result of forcible and violent entry or exit from a building.

As always check from home insurance policy wording to see if this extension is included and if so the scope of cover.

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