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Home insurance security requirements

Home insurance security requirements, locks, alarm and safeSome policies may have security requirements applied by the insurer, especially homes in London and other big city postcodes. Home insurances with large contents sums insured or where there has been a burglary claim may also have security requirements attached to the policy.

The most common requirement relates to locks on external doors and accessible windows. 5 lever mortice deadlocks to British Standard BS3621 on wooden doors or aluminium / UPVC doors with a multi point locking system. Key operated window locks on all accessible (can be reached without the use of a ladder) windows.

When an alarm requirement applies, the alarm must be professionally installed and subject to an annual maintenance contract with a National Security Inspectorate (NSI) or Security Systems and Alarms Inspection Board (SSAIB) approved company. The insurer may be happy with an audible alarm or one connected to a central monitoring station may be a requirement.

All locks and alarms would have to be in operation whenever the home is left empty. When the home is occupied and the household has retired for the night, all locks would have to in operation, apart from may be accessible window locks in occupied bedrooms. The insurer may also require the alarm to be set, the security wording should make the insurers’ requirements clear.

Finally a safe in the home may be required if a policyholder has a number of expensive items of jewellery and watches. The insurer should stipulate the rating of the safe, which will depend on the total value of the jewellery and watches. For example, total value of £30,000, the insurer may require a safe with a rating of £35,000/£40,000, to make an allowance for future purchases.

Any security requirements should be detailed in the insurance schedule.

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