Insurance since 1919

Introductory discounts

Some insurance providers seem fixated on promoting new business introductory discounts and offers, exclusively for new customers. Fine, as each business needs a constant flow of new customers to stand still, let alone grow, but what happens at renewal when the premium increases substantially? Presumably a fair number of those new customers they’ve worked so […]

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Let Insurance

Fill in the form below for a Let Home Insurance quote Important please read, click on each tab below and carefully answer the questions Start About You Contact The Property Buildings Contents Final Details Submit for Quote General details Renewal date / Cover date? * A value is required.Looks too short for a date – […]

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Insurance Products

Flats insurance Purpose built and conversion properties Leaseholder occupied and tenanted Liability insurance Employer’s Liability Public Liability Building and allied trades, and small businesses Let home insurance Buildings Contents Let to professional tenants and students Shared home insurance Group policy covering all the sharers or individual policies if required Buildings and contents insurance Wide range […]

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Home Insurance

Household Buildings and/or Contents, with comprehensive range of covers included as standard. Special rates available for professionals in shared accommodation, properties close to rivers and flood risk areas and UK holiday homes. Tailor-made policies to suit your requirements.

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