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marqueesMarquees in gardens for special occasions, such as a wedding or a christening, is become common, but there are some practical considerations. One of them being adequate insurance. Hiring a marquee means that you are liable for damage or even loss (theft) so insurance is essential. The hirer may offer you an insurance, but we can provide an alternative under our home contents insurance. Cover can be provided for marquees subject to the following terms and conditions:-

  1. Cover cannot exceed a maximum number of fourteen days.
  2. The marquee being situated within the premises (home) insured.
  3. An additional premium charged at 2% of the sum insured for the marquee (and subject to a minimum premium of £50 plus Insurance Premium Tax).
  4. The marquee must only be erected and dismantled by experienced persons.
  5. Cover is not provided for loss or damage occurring whilst the marquee is being erected or dismantled (the responsibility of the hirer carrying out the work).
  6. An excess of £250 applies to each and every loss.
  7. Any heat source must be a distance of at least 2 metres away from the sides of the marquees or any combustible lining.

If you are interested in home insurance, with a view to insuring marquees at some point in the future, please use Ember JD website to request a quote.

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