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home insurance trace and access cover under buildings sectionThe majority of home insurance policies now include trace and access cover under the buildings section, in the event of leakage of water from fixed internal water or heating installations or domestic appliances. Water leakage accounts for more claims than any other peril, as by its very nature escape of water isn’t a problem until a leak occurs and by then it’s too late to prevent damage to the walls, ceilings and flooring. Often the leak can be fixed easily and after the water has dried out the effects are greatly reduced. Sometimes the damage caused can be substantial if the leak goes undetected or if the source of the escape of water cannot be found easily. Insurers won’t pay for fixing the leak as the plumbing is a maintenance issue, but the damage caused and tracing and accessing the leak could be insured. A plumber or a builder might have to remove wall tiles in a bathroom or ceilings to reach pipework, which results in further damage and expense. The cover is two fold, firstly the cost of tracing the source of the leak, then repairing the damage caused, all subject to a limit of usually £5,000. Home insurance covering buildings and contents generally include the damage caused by the escape of water, but now the trace and access extension gives the householder extra financial assistance when a leak occurs.
Q. Are plumbing repairs covered under a home buildings insurance?
A. No this is a maintenance issue not insured damage.
Q. How about the damage caused?
A. Yes subject to having cover in force.
Q. How about the cost of finding the source of the leak and the damage caused?
A. Yes if the trace and access extension is included under your buildings insurance.

As always to find out the extend of your cover full details can be found in your schedule and policy wording.

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