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Home insurance index linking

Insurers index link sums insured to keep pace with rising costs. Although policyholders only see their sums insured increase when the renewal documents are issued, most policies are index linked on a monthly basis, which could have a bearing on claims. Index linked adjustments continue from the date of a claim to the settlement, provided […]

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Tenants liability insurance

When renting there’s always the possibility of accidentally causing damage to the landlord’s buildings and then being liable for the costs. If as a tenant you have a home contents insurance in force covering your possessions, then you may have tenants liability cover for damage to the building. This policy extension usually comes with a […]

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Amlin home insurance review

A review of the home insurance policy from Amlin, designed to cover the policyholders’ home buildings and/or contents at their main residence. The majority of UK standard home policies cover the same causes of damage and loss, regardless of the provider, so it’s the range of additional benefits that set insurers apart. First the overall […]

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