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Subsidence and Underpinning

Useful info from Ember JD. Firstly our outlook on properties that have previously had subsidence is that it’s more than just bricks and mortar, it’s your home. Ember JD Insurance Brokers will do all we possibly can to give you a very competitive Home Insurance premium with favourable terms for houses and bungalows.

There are several causes of subsidence: Tree root ingress, prolonged hot dry weather affecting clay soil, underground drainage leakage washing away the foundations and consolidation subsidence on extensions (movement downwards generally caused by inadequate foundations). The remedy may mean the underpinning of a portion of the property affected by the subsidence or other remedies judged to stabilise the situation. Please note that the remedial works or underpinning must have been completed over 10 years ago, without any subsequent problems, for us to look at the possibility of offering a quote.

All Ember JD Insurance Brokers quote enquiries are looked at individually by a sympathetic expert underwriter. To ensure we have all the facts, we will need some supporting documents detailing the cause, remedy and the condition of the property relating to subsidence. In the form of a full Structural Engineer’s Report carried out within the last 3 years.

Please proceed by clicking the link below and submitting your quote details. Then send us the full Structural Engineer’s Report by email from our contact us page.

Underpinned Home Insurance / Subsidence Insurance

Blocks of Flats

Ember JD Insurance Brokers has many years experience of arranging Flats Insurance, for both purpose built and conversion properties. The policies we offer are specifically designed to cover flats, so include Property Owner’s Liability, trace and access costs relating to water leaks and the cost of temporary accommodation following insured damage. Optional extensions are also generally available, such as Employer’s Liability cover, terrorism damage and loss of rent following major insured damage.

Generally flats have an occupancy mix of leaseholders / freeholders and tenants, both of which can be catered for at competitive premiums. We can issue policies in the name of an individual, joint or multi freeholders, management companies and residents associations. In most cases documents are instantly issued, so if you need to provide proof of insurance this can be done without delay.

If your insurance is due for renewal shortly or you’ve just purchased the freehold please use of website to request a Flats Insurance quote.

If you are looking for a quote please use our website to submit a quote request. We will do our very best to find you the right policy at a very good price.