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Underpinned Home InsuranceEmber JD is a UK home insurance broker, established in 1919. Offering quotes for Underpinned Home Insurance. Please see details below, including the types of homes, criteria and the supporting documents required.

Houses and bungalows that have been partly or completely Underpinned.

Underpinned home insurance
Our policy caters for homes underpinned to rectify subsidence damage or underpinned to comply with building regulations.

Please note that the remedial works including the underpinning must have been completed over 10 years ago, without any subsequent problems, for us to look at the possibility of offering a quote.

Supporting documents required
We need to know the current condition of the home and the potential for new subsidence damage in the future, so require a full Structural Engineers Report carried out within the last 3 years. Submit a quote form, then send us documents by email (contact us page). Once received we will send details and documents to underwriters and will come back to you with their decision as to whether a quote can be offered.

All repairs completed over 10 years ago with no subsequent problems?
You have a full structural engineers report carried out within the last 3 years?
If yes complete a quote form and send us your structural engineers report ✔