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Structural Engineers ReportWe need to know the original cause of the heave or subsidence and how the damage was rectified. However the most important aspect in the here and now. The current condition of the home and the potential for future heave or subsidence damage. Probably not in the area previously damaged. For us all repairs must have been rectified over 10 years ago without any subsequent problems. The period when other works may be identified will be gone. The overall condition including other parts of the home are of interest to us. We need a specific and detailed supporting document in the form of a full structural engineers report done within the last three years. Carried out by a structural engineer.

A full structural engineers report is a comprehensive document concentrating on the structure and nothing else. The ultimate report when assessing an insurance risk. Therefore we cannot look at the prospect of offering a quote based on the following documents: Building survey (formally known as a structural survey), certificate of structural adequacy, claims documents relating to the past damage, home buyers report or mortgage valuation.

If repairs were done over 10 years ago with no subsequent problems and,
you have a full structural engineers report carried out within the last 3 years,
submit your quote form, then email the structural engineers report from contact us page.