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Unoccupied exclusions under home insurance

Unoccupied exclusions under a home insurance policyStandard home insurances are generally designed to insure the main occupied residence of the policyholder. Any variation, such as regular unoccupancy due to work commitments or an extended holiday would have to be specially agreed.

When a home becomes unoccupied, the definition would be detailed in the policy wording which could be 30 or 60 continuous days, then certain cover would be automatically excluded. Typically escape of water or oil, freezing and bursting of pipes, theft or attempted theft, malicious damage, accidental damage and additional cover extensions is excluded.

When you know the home will be unoccupied you should advise your insurer of the reason and length of unoccupancy if known or you can seek an insurance designed for unoccupied homes. We recommend the Ocaso Unoccupied Home Insurance, with a choice of 3, 6 or 9 month short-term policies.

Some good news for homeowners and insurers

Home Insurance cheap Broker pricesThis summer has been a wash out as far as the weather is concerned. Rain, rain and yet more rain, causing localised flooding and disaster for all concerned. However with rain comes wet ground, reducing the need for trees and shrubs to extend their roots in search of moisture, which should result in fewer incidents of subsidence damage. Tree and shrub roots are a major cause of subsidence, especially in shrinkable soil areas.

We all enjoy a sunny day, but prolonged spells of hot weather results in a rise in subsidence damage. The summer of 2012 might be a low point for sun lovers, but it may be a season with fewer subsidence damage than usual. Subsidence is costly for insurers, so fewer claims may mean less of a squeeze on home insurance premiums, helping to lessen the effects as insurers compare premiums with claim payments.