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UNA Alliance memberEmber JD is a UNA Alliance member via our parent company.

Our insurance group is a founding member of the UNA Alliance (formerly Unitas), when established in 1997. The broker alliance Offers an alternative to other sources of insurance, such as direct insurers and national brokers. The advantages of coming together as an alliance is that members can negotiate better rates with insurers due to the size of the co-operative, by still retain total independence.

UNA Alliance is a company limited by guarantee. Owned equally by all of its members brokers. The  strategy and goals of the Alliance is set by board, which is made up of the Managing Directors of the twelve  firm members.

The combined strength of UNA members gives a premium income in excess of £350 million premiums and have over a 1,000 staff. UNA members deal collectively with major international insurers and the Lloyds of London market, to give policyholders the right level of cover at competitive premiums.

For more information click on the link UNA Alliance .

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