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Ride on lawnmowers

Ride on lawnmowersIf you are lucky enough to have a big garden to warrant ride on lawnmowers, then insurance for your expensive machinery is a consideration. Cover can be given under the contents Section of the policy up to a maximum value of £5,000 at a rate of 1.5 % on the total value of the lawnmower. Subject to a minimum additional premium of £25, plus insurance premium tax. The lawnmower would then be specified under the contents section in the schedule.

We only offer cover for a lawnmower if contents insurance is purchased from us.

Cover excludes theft or attempted theft where the keys or other device which enables the mower to be started are left in or on the mower whilst it is unattended. Other conditions are as follows:-

  1. Theft cover is excluded between the hours of 23:00 and 07:00 unless from a locked building whilst not in use.
  2. Cover is excluded for loss or damage to tyres, lamps, accessories is excluded unless the mower is stolen or damaged at the same time.
  3. Cover is excluded for damage from mechanical or electrical faults or breakdown.
  4. Cover is excluded for loss or damage while the mower is used for racing or pacemaking or is let out on hire or is used other than for private purposes.
  5. Cover includes public liability but excluding Road Traffic Act Liability.
  6. Loss or damage while the lawnmower is used for racing or pace-making or is let out on hire or is used other than for private purposes.
  7. An excess of £100 applies.
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