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Personal money and cards

Personal money and cardsMost owner occupied home contents insurances come with personal money and cards cover. Split into two parts. Insurance within the home, with a limit of usually £500. Cover away from home, an optional chargeable extension.

Included within the policy wording will be a definition of personal money and cards, which could be similar to the following: Cash, currency, bank notes, cheques, postal or money orders, savings stamps and certificates, premium bonds, gift tokens, luncheon vouchers, trading stamps, travellers cheques, travel tickets and current postage stamps belonging to you and held for personal domestic or social purposes only. Credit, cheque, debit, charge, bankers’ and cash dispenser cards belonging to you and used for personal domestic and social purposes only.

The cover granted is generally for loss of money used or held for private, social or domestic purposes and loss from fraudulent use by any unauthorised person of credit cards. Insurers will specifically exclude business money and cards, unless of course you have a homeworkers policy including this facility. This type of policy is a mixture between home and business insurance. Targeted for those running a business from their home.

As you would expect there are exclusions under the personal money and cards covers, which might be: Loss of money by mistake in change counting or overpayment. Not reported to the police within 24 hours of discovery. Loss of credit cards not reported to the police and the issuing authority within 24 hours of discovery. Refer to your policy schedule and wording for the scope of your cover.

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