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Land adjoining the home with public access

Land adjoining the home with public accessWe often receive enquiries from homeowners who have land adjoining the home with public access (right of way). Being an insurance broker with connections we can offer a home insurance including liability cover for the adjoining land. The extension of the liabilities under the policy would be subject to:

Payment of an additional premium. At time of writing the annual charge would be £79.50.
Confirmation from the customer that there are no unusual or significant hazards (e.g. barbed or electric fencing), unusual trip and fall hazards or water hazards on the adjoining land.
The land must not used by the customer or let for commercial activities or financial gain.

Subject to meeting the above criteria cover can issued, with a £2 million limit of indemnity, plus agreed legal costs and expenses. If you need help please contact us for a quote.

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