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Hot tubs jacuzzi and spas

Hot tubs jacuzzi and spasHomes are becoming more like entertainment and relaxation zones. With facilities which not so long ago were only available at health clubs and leisure centres. Now hot tubs jacuzzi and spas are common place. Many sited in the garden. A place where the family can unwind and forget about the stresses of modern living. When lifestyle changes occur insurance needs to be flexible enough to keep pace and provide cover. We are pleased to offer insurance for hot tubs, jacuzzi and spas under the household buildings section of a home insurance policy subject to the following:-

  • A maximum value of £15,000
  • A rate of 1% of the sum insured, with a minimum premium of £25 plus insurance tax

We offer quotes and cover under a home insurance policy insuring your buildings and contents. We do not offer separate cover. For a home insurance quote please click on the quote button.

As you would expect there are some exclusions applying, taking into account insurance is being offered for hot tubs jacuzzi and spas in the open. Loss or damage would be excluded caused by storm, flood or weight of snow, escape of water from fixed water tanks, heating installation, apparatus including any domestic appliance or pipes and frost damage, subsidence, landslip or ground heave. This extension does not include loss or damage to covers.

Finally cover would only apply to owner occupied dwellings, excluding properties that are unoccupied and let out to tenants.

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