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Hearing aids under home insurance

Hearing aids under home insuranceUsually to insure hearing aids under home insurance you would have to specify them under the personal possessions section. Cover would then apply anywhere in the United Kingdom and a specified period overseas. Maybe 30 or 60 days to cater for holidays and trips away.

Hearing aids are generally lost or damaged beyond repair, so insurers have to make major claim settlements. Rather than minor repair costs. As a result of the higher claims costs associated with hearing aids, insurers may charge a higher premium.

In addition to the excess and any other terms that may apply in the policy wording, some insurers may exclude all damage and loss whilst swimming, participating in water sports or even when in water. If looking for cover we suggest checking your insurance schedule and policy wording. If required contact your insurer for a quotation and advice on how include under your existing insurance. Stand alone insurance may be available from the retailer when purchasing. However most are insured under home contents policies.

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