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ChildmindingIf you are childminding from home you would need to notify your home buildings and contents insurers and they would advise you whether cover can be continued. If your current provider will not continue your insurance or you are looking for an alternative, we can offer home insurance for registered childminders. Subject to the maximum number of infants and children not exceeding five at any one time.

The following terms would apply to our policy:-

  1. All liabilities incurred arising out of childminding activities is excluded. We advise taking out separate insurance for this.
  2. When insured, the excess in respect of accidental damage claims is increased to £250.
  3. Loss or damage resulting from theft or attempted theft from the home is excluded, other than as a result of forcible and violent entry.
  4. An additional premium of £25 plus Insurance Premium Tax is payable.
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