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Insurance since 1919

A fair bit has been said about cutting out the middle man to save money, but let’s consider the vast amounts of money spent by insurers trying to attract direct business. Ongoing advertising costs for TV, radio, newspapers and other forms of direct marketing that dwarf commissions paid to insurance brokers.

Now to concentrate on the benefits of using an insurance broker. We have strong relationships built up with a number of insurers, most of which only offer cover via trusted insurance brokers, so are able to offer our clients a good deal in terms of premium and cover. Some of our accounts with insurers run into the hundreds of thousands of pounds, so we are able to use our position of strength to ensure we get the best premiums and terms. When we contact an insurer we do so as a major business provider, buy a policy direct and you are on your own.

Our long standing relationships with our panel of insurers are used to full effect when offering Specialist cover for Subsidence Insurance, Annexe Home Insurance, Timber Framed House Insurance, Flat Roof Insurance and a competitive Home Insurance Lodgers policy.  We have ready made markets for these risks and are able to offer competitive quotes and cover with a quick turnaround. Direct insurers are simply not interested in risks that fall outside of the box, for us this is our business.

The insuring public do need expert guidance when purchasing a policy. Call centres will offer you one policy, their policy, whether it is suitable or not. We will advise you on the correct insurance to meet your requirements from our insurer panel. Pinpoint the terms and conditions of the policy and give you full details, with supporting documents at inception and at each renewal date. Knowledge and experience counts.

We are a team of qualified insurance professionals, not a faceless call centre. You will be able to ask for and speak to the same person again and again. Our aim is to keep your business long term, by ensuring you are happy with the premiums and service. Old fashioned service delivered in a modern efficient way.

Please feel free to request and obtain competitive quotations. The types of cover we specialise in are detailed on the Homepage and What We Insure.