Flat Roof Home Insurance

Insurance since 1919

cheap quote for Flat Roof Home InsuranceEmber JD is a UK home insurance broker, established in 1919. Offering competitive quotes and quality cover Flat Roof Home Insurance. For houses and bungalows that are partly or 100% completely flat roofed. Welcome news as most insurers will decline risks when a significant percentage of the roof area is flat.

Flat Roof Home Insurance | Partly or completely flat roofed

Each Flat Roof Insurance enquiry is looked at individually by a skilled underwriter, who understands the major differences in the material used from a basic ashpalt roll to EPDM synthetic rubber, concrete or metal roofs. We also offer competitive quotes for homes with a mansard roof, including period dwellings.

The flat roof must have been checked in the last 5 years by a qualified builder, roofer or building surveyor and any necessary repairs carried out to ensure the roof remains in a sound well maintained condition. You decide on how much cover you require, including the optional extensions. We will then offer you a quotation with an insurer who will accept homes with flat roofs.

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