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Bathroom insurance

Bathroom insurance, you certainly cannot insure just the one room in your home. All of the bathroom fittings would be covered under a buildings insurance. We are blogging about a fitted bathroom paid for by the leaseholder in a flat or maisonette. Depending on the wording under the freeholders or management company’s buildings insurance the leaseholder’s bathroom may not be insured. kitchen insurance

When a leasehold takes the decision to replace the existing bathroom he or she is only thinking about the extra comfort this enhancement will bring, plus maybe more money on the selling price. It is unlikely they will realise that their investment may not be insured. Our advice is to check the block buildings insurance policy wording. If you kind yourselves in the situation where no cover applies then maybe we can help. We offer quotes and cover along with your contents insurance, with a variety of options for you to select.

Leaseholders for more details and a quote please follow the link: leaseholders improvements insurance