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Past Movement
(no subsidence or underpinning)

Thank you for completing a quote form. For us to look at offering a quote please provide the following:

Your home buyer’s report, survey report or full structural engineer’s report, which mentions the past movement or settlement.

Please note we cannot accept a mortgage valuation, as this document is too basic and does not go into enough detail.

Past Subsidence
(repaired or underpinned)

A full structural engineer’s report carried out within the last 3 years, would be needed by us to look at offering a quote.

Please note that the home must have had cosmetic repairs, remedial works or underpinning completed to rectify the damage over 5 years ago, without any subsequent problems, for us to look at providing a quote.

Please send your supporting documents by using the contact us form below. Alternatively you can go to our contact page at a later date and submit. 

Contact Form

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