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EMHPRE01 Individual Flats Clause
It is agreed that the definition of buildings is amended as follows:
The proportion of the main structure of the property, fixtures and fittings attached to the property, domestic outbuildings and private garages, permanently installed swimming pools, tennis courts, drives, patios and terraces, walls, gates, paths and fences and fixed fuel tanks all contained within the premises and belonging to you or for which you are legally responsible, as stated within the leasehold/freehold agreement.
It is agreed that the Settling of Claims provisions is amended as follows:
How we settle claims
If your claim for loss or damage to any part of the buildings owned by you and is covered under section one buildings, we will pay the full cost of the repair.
If your claim is for loss or damage to any common or shared part of the building we will only pay the proportion of the claim that you are legally responsible for and that your sum insured bears to the full cost of rebuilding the entire building provided that:
The damage has been repaired or loss has been reinstated.
We will take an amount off for wear and tear from the cost of any replacement or repair if immediately before the loss or damage the buildings were not in a good state of repair.
We will not pay the cost of repairing any undamaged parts of the buildings which form part of a pair, set, suite or part of a common design or function when the loss or damage is restricted to a clearly identifiable area or to a specific part.
If the sum insured is not adequate then any claim payment under this section will be reduced in proportion to the value of the full cost of rebuilding the entire buildings at the time of loss or damage.

You should use a chartered surveyor to calculate the sum insured. To get a rough idea of what your property might cost to rebuild, use the calculator from the Association of British Insurers (ABI), CLICK.