Insurance checklist

Insurance since 1919

It is essential you choose the right policy, giving you the cover you need. We recommend using the following insurance checklist when comparing policies.

  • Will the policy allow me to share my home with lodgers?
    (We offer specially extended home with lodgers with quality A-rated UK insurer).
  • What is the maximum number limit of lodgers allowed?
    (We offer a policy up to 3 lodgers).
  • If required, are student lodgers allowed?
    (We offer cover regardless of age, tell us in your quote request).
  • Does the insurance include legal liability cover for accidents to lodgers?
    (We offer cover with a £2,000,000 indemnity limit plus legal costs and expenses, or the option to increase to £5,000,000 for an extra £28.00).
  • Loss of rent & cost of temporary accommodation covered after insured damage?
    (We offer cover up to 25% of the contents and buildings sums insured).
  • Can malicious damage by lodgers be included?
    (Yes up to £5,000 per claim, subject to an extra £35.00 (on average) and no previous incidents of malicious damage).
  • Can accidental damage to my home or contents be insured, including by lodgers?
    (We offer a cover option, even if accidentally caused by a lodger).

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