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Insurance for your household goods, personal property, money, valuables, satellite dishes and receiving aerials and their fittings and masts. All belonging to you or for which you are responsible and contained within your home.

The sum insured should be done on a new current replacement cost basis, without any deductions for wear and tear and depreciation. As subject to the adequacy of the sums insured, claim settlement would be on a new-for-old basis.  The only exceptions would be for clothing and linen, which generally have a short life-span, so deductions would be made.

The best way to make sure you have adequate cover is to walk round your home room by room and make an inventory of your contents, including your garage(s) and outbuilding(s). Add the items together on a new for old basis, meaning the current replacement cost or the latest equivalent. Imagine you’re moving home, add up all the things you’d take with you as your contents, including carpets and curtains. You may find our contents calculator of use, CLICK-HERE.

Personal Possessions

Cover anywhere in the UK and for a specified period overseas in each insurance year. For accidental damage or loss to possessions worn or carried about your person. The cover can be split into four sections:
1) Unspecified personal possessions with single item or set limit of 50% of sum insured.
2) Specified, for more expensive items.
3) Bicycles.
4) Personal money and credit / debit cards.

Again the sum(s) insured should be done on a new current replacement cost basis.